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Artistry in Wood, 2017 Gallery



This gallery is a non-juried exhibition of wooden objects.  It will be held at CFB Kingston, Communications & Electronics museum, located on highway #2, June 10, 2017, from 9 AM to 3 PM.


Objectives.  There are two primary objectives of the event:

           First, to show the general public the work our members do

          Second, to advertise the existence of our two associations - to prospective members, to the arts community, and of course to the general public.

          It will also provide a venue for members of both associations to sell their work.


Eligibility to Apply


Registered members of the Kingston Wood Artisans or the Kingston Woodturners Association who wish to enter their work in the Artistry in Wood, 2017 gallery are required to submit an application.


Note: 1. Applicants under the age of 18 must have their guardian or parent sign on their behalf.

Note: 2. Non members will not be allowed to enter items.



How and When to Apply


        Each applicant shall submit, a hard copy at a monthly meeting, or e-mail the completed form to Any and all applicant’s work shall be accepted, provided they meet the following requirements:


 Each piece shall be described briefly on the form.  Descriptions must include as a minimum, the type of object and its size (width, height and depth).

 No individual piece may exceed 4 cubic meters in size.

 For those exhibiting turned or carved items, they only need indicate the number of items being entered and the number of tables required (up to a maximum of two tables).  Each table is approximately 6 ft x 25 inches. The museum will provide the tables; no tables may be brought in by exhibitors.   Chairs will be made available by the museum staff, and as was the case with the tables, only those provided by the museum will be allowed.

 The deadline for applications to be received by the Gallery Coordinator is 4pm on Friday, 2 June 2017.  No deadline extensions will be entertained.



        There shall be no charge to members wishing to enter items into the gallery.


Sales      Should an entrant wish to sell a piece, that shall be their personal business.  Neither the Kingston Wood Artisans, the Kingston Woodturners Association, nor the museum will be involved.  In short, any sales will be strictly between the seller and the buyer only.   





Notification of Acceptance


        The Gallery Coordinator will advise all applicants of their acceptance/rejection, by no later than 4pm, Monday 5 June 2017. The Gallery Coordinator’s decision is final.  


An Introduction to all Three Disciplines


 The gallery will also afford all three disciplines represented by the Kingston Wood Artisans Furniture & Cabinetmakers Group, the Kingston Wood Artisans Carvers & Sculptors Group, and the Kingston Woodturners Association, to educate and enlighten the gallery visitors about wood as an artistic medium.


We have been given permission to set up three sets of tables near the entry to the gallery room, which each discipline will be using as a informative display.  These tables will preferable be manned by members throughout the event, to answer any questions our visitors may have.  We will also be producing a power point presentation that will enhance the displayed material and provide information to any prospective members.



Waiver of Liability


The application form contains a waiver of liability statement, which will stipulate that the Kingston Wood Artisans, Kingston Woodturners Association and the CFB Kingston Communications & Electronics Museum shall be held free of any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss to the piece(s) entered into the gallery.  Applicants shall acknowledge by signing the form, that there will be neither cordons nor barriers around the pieces.  Individuals are responsible for the security of their pieces entered.



Bringing Pieces In


The approved piece(s) shall be brought to the venue by the Maker, between 1 and 3:30 PM, Friday, 9 June 2017.  Items/pieces may be brought in during the day, Saturday, providing they do not interfere with arriving guests and should wait for a lull in guest population before bringing in items, for the safety of guests.


        Again, pieces may be offered for sale during the Gallery event.  All Makers are encouraged to place a business card or piece of paper that provides their name and contact information, to identify them as the Maker.  They may also place a card detailing information about their piece which may be of interest to the gallery attendees.  Makers are also encouraged to be on hand while the Gallery is in progress to answer questions that may be posed about their piece(s).



End of Day Activity.


        The Gallery will be closed to all guests at 3 PM sharp and clean up shall begin. The conference room we are using must be cleared of all pieces no later than 3:45 PM, Saturday, 10 June. All personnel must be out of the museum by no later than 4 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS! Any piece(s) not removed by that time shall be deemed abandoned and become the rightful property of the CFB Kingston Communications & Electronics Museum and may be sold by the museum in their kit shop or disposed of as they wish.


Gallery Application Form will be found on the last page, below and may be copied and e-mailed to


NOTE: The form is “Grouped” as one piece and can be copied and saved as one box using the outer box :


Please copy and paste the link provided to your webbrowser and scroll to the bottom to get to the Application form if you are planning on entering any pieces. 


Feel free to make copies of the poster and put them up. 

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We are a non-profit organization and welcome anybody interested in wood turning . We have regular monthly meetings held the second Wednesday of the month.  We meet at the Frontenac school on bath rd at 7 pm. There are also weekly "Learn n Turn" sessions at Nelsons studio. Please contact for  more information and times


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